We've recently started the Hubhopper Originals program, where we''re working with some of India's best content creators and influencers to help launch and grow their very own podcasts. This includes the likes of Kommune performer Sonata Parashar, 9-time TEDx Speaker Digital Gandhi, India's favourite paranormal investigator Jay Alani, and plenty more.

Paranormal Reality, Karma is a Witch, Spanecdotes, Loco Locals — these are just a few of our Original series.

Your podcast will receive the full support of Hubhopper in ensuring it reaches millions of listeners across the country through its platform and allied partners. From app optimisation and free hosting, to marketing and distribution assistance, our Originals are provided with these services free of cost! We also help our Originals with monetisation!

Yes, our Originals are exclusive only to Hubhopper. However this is only for a period of time, which is negotiable. Post that period, as the content creator, you have the liberty to distribute across any other platform. This initial exclusivity allows us to focus your content onto channels that will bring in more true listenership. The problem of discovery and user engagement is solved through our efforts in promoting your content aggressively through all our channels. Our Originals are also amplified through our integrations with smart speakers and other OEMs. Our top performing Original, Paranormal Reality was able to accumulate 6.4 lakh listens on Hubhopper and its partners in a span of just two months!

Once your podcast is launched, we do not just want it to sit idly on the platform. We want users to discover and listen to it. Hence, the crucial aspect of 'discovery' of your podcast is taken care of through our marketing assistance. We work on cross-promotions with our Originals as this helps listeners reach out to their favourite podcasters as well. A majority of our budget is always pushed behind our Originals to amplify their reach across all our online and offline marketing activities.

This means that every integration or partnership Hubhopper has with its allied partners, our Originals will be able to benefit from these as well. To speak of a few, we are integrated with smart speakers such as Amazon Alexa, and OEMs like Ola Play. This allows your podcast to tap into their users as well, and capture more listens. Such integrations allow us to amplify our reach to millions of users across the country and enabling them to tune in to our content.

The current revenue model in place is an "ad revenue sharing model", where sponsors and advertisers reach out to us or we reach out to them, and we get on a business discussion. We ensure that or Originals' data and content are able to reach the mark where it is able to attract potential sponsors. Our top performing Originals have already been able to get sponsors onboard! In the entire transaction, the revenue earned is shared between Hubhopper and the podcaster. We are always working on ways to incorporate other revenue models and in such scenarios, our Originals will be the first to benefit from it.

Once you have signed up for the program, our team will review your podcast before moving forward. We wish to hear quality content and ensure that it does not violate any copyright nor discriminate any religion, society, gender or community. If your content is approved, our team will get in touch to take you through the next steps.

Sign up now! We're excited to listen to what you've got to say. There's tons of content out there, so make sure yours stands out. Looking forward to listening to your podcast!